Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Tips for Hiring a Lawn Care Service

Who does not like enjoying Sunday-morning coffee in a lush, green lawn with a couple of Patio chairs? We all want a turf that looks fresh and beautiful; however, keeping it that way can be a hassle. Of course, you can hire a lawn care service, with so many options to choose from, picking one that best suits your requirements might be a bit difficult. 

Here are a few tips for hiring the best lawn services south jersey

Check insurance 
Lawn care might seem like an effortless task, and in most cases, it is. But some turfs consist of tall trees and large bushes that need to be worked on. It can get risky for both you and the service provider. Lawn care services require the use of heavy machinery, which poses a risk of damage to your turf, as well as to the workers as well. Insurance ensures that you'll stay clean if any mishap occurs in your garden. 

Equipment used 
Technological advancements have found their way to lawn care as well; it is no longer limited to mowers. Plus, how a company maintains its equipment also comes into play. Do they sharpen the blades regularly? Do they oil the appliances on a regular basis? Do they have service logs on their machinery? A company should maintain its arsenal to ensure the best services to its clients. 

Say no to Contracts 
Some lawn care service providers might ask you to sign a contract or two to do business. That is a questionable practice, and it is better to consider other providers. When you sign a contract, you have to entertain company services even when you don't need it and end up paying more for less work. Instead, look for a provider that offers flexible agreements, which enables you to be in charge of the services. 

Services offered 
Turf care consists of a lot more than just mowing grass. Hedges, flower beds, and weeds, a bunch of other tasks are included. And the last thing you want is three different companies coming to your yard one by one. Therefore, be sure to select a provider that offers a comprehensive range of services. Reviewing the offerings becomes more crucial when you are signing a contract. 

Background checks 
A company might look perfect on paper, but the kind of service it offers depends a lot on the type of workers it has. Be sure to run some background checks to ensure the provider you are choosing has a strict employee selection process. 

Make customer service a priority 
Lastly, the company you select should always be up for answering phone calls and address your queries on a priority basis. 

Picking a lawn care company that cares for your requirements is essential. Your lawn should look good, and a good service provider can go a long way in helping you do so. Keep a check of the items in this list to make the best decision while hiring lawn care services in south jersey.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Benefits of Professional Lawn Care Services

One of the responsibilities of being a homeowner is to maintain your home, and of the parts that need a lot of attention, is the lawn. The bigger and more beautiful your lawn is, the more difficult it gets to maintain it. A professional lawn care service can help lift some burden. 

The following are some benefits of hiring landscaping services NJ

Knowledge about vegetation and grass type 
Grass exists in different types, and a general homeowner might not be able to spot the difference. Expert lawn care services have in-depth knowledge and experience of working with generation and grass of various types; thus, they'll do a better job on your lawn. 

Less physical stress 
Lawn mowing can be a physically tiring process, and it could pose some serious health threats for old homeowners. Hiring a lawn care service will help you skip working for hours under the scorching sun, thus, enabling you to get rid of sore muscles, exhaustion, boredom, and potential injuries. 

No yard damage 
Lawn care may seem like a newbie's task, but it requires expertise. Inadequate mowing and improper use of other equipment and practices can lead to lawn yard damage, and restoring it is often expensive. Some mistakes that can turn out to be detrimental for your turf are: 

· Poor water application 

· Excessive mowing 

· Use of wrong fertilizer 

· Inadequate use of equipment 

Professional south jersey lawn care ensures that expert professionals work on your yard to provide the best results. 

Consistent care 
When you invest in professional services, you can expect constant care for your lawn. A yard care provider will be at your lawn every weekend and will perform the necessary lawn maintenance procedures. This way, you don't need to worry about your grass overgrowing or the bald spot not being fixed. Simply put, your lawn will look perfect all the time. 

Reduced costs 
It might sound contradictory, but investing in a professional lawn care service can actually help you save money. These services are not expensive, with the average cost lying between $20 and $50. On the other hand, if you want to take the matter in your own hands, you will need to purchase lawn care equipment, which will cost you some hundred dollars. Plus, you'll have to invest in the maintenance of the equipment as well. 

Increased home value 
Several real estate investors prefer homes with an exquisite exterior, which primarily consists of a beautiful, well-maintained lawn. If, at some point in time, you decide to rent out to sell your home, an attractive yard will add to the overall value of the property. Professional lawn care services work in a way to ensure it adds increases the resale value of your house. 

If you have found any misgivings of hiring a lawn care service, they would have been certainly outweighed by the advantages. All in all, investing a professional provider lets you benefit from their expertise and knowledge, which makes your lawn more beautiful and expensive.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Seven Steps to an almost Perfect Lawn

You have tried a lot of things such as grass seeds, many fertilizers, and watering techniques, but you still cannot manage to get that beautiful lush green lawn. Are there any secrets to it? Well, let's uncover them with these seven steps that can help you get an almost perfect lawn. 

Perform a soil test 
If you want to develop a lawn beautification plan, ask lawn care services south jersey to perform a soil test of your lawn. Elements like soil pH are some critical components that indicate whether it is perfect for growing plants or not. Ideally, your lawn or garden should have a neutral pH (.5-6.9%). If the pH is low (too acidic), you can apply a lime fertilizer. If it is alkaline, you can use a soil pacifiers or organic amendments like manure or compost. 

Fix compacted soil 
If your soil is compacted, water, air, and organic materials will not be able to circulate through your lawn, thereby reducing the nutrients it absorbs. Here is a quick check to find if your soil is compacted. 

· it does not spring back 

· Garden fork tines penetrate less than 2 inches. 

· If you have more weeds 

· Heavy foot or traffic compacts the soil 

Here are a few ways to fix compacted soil. 

· Water your lawn regularly 

· Apply soil enhancer or compost 

· Be regular with your lawn mowing and watering schedule 

If it does not fix, contact lawn services south jersey

Repair bare spots 
If you see bare spots in your lawn, repair them. If the spots are due to the traffic from pets or kids, you can repair them by loosening the soil, adding fertilizer, spreading grass, and watering it continually. For patches due to grubs, use a 24-hour grub killer. 

Pick your grass seed 
Grass seeds are classified into two types: warm season and cool season. You can pick the right kind of seed depending upon where you live, temperature, sun exposure, and your mowing frequency. 

How-to fertilize your lawn? 
Fertilizers are an essential component to get lush green lawns. However, it is crucial to know the correct usage depending upon your grass seed type. If you are establishing your lawn from seed, pick a fertilizer with high phosphorous content. Cool-season grass seeds require more fertilizer in the first season. 

A mowing strategy 
Moving is the key to a neat lawn, but cutting the grass and leaf tissue can damage your grass. Thus, it is essential to pay extra attention while mowing, along with using an appropriate strategy. 

A watering schedule 
Your watering schedule will depend on whether your lawn is newly seeded or already established. A newly seeded lawn needs to be watered twice or thrice per day, whereas established turfs can be watered less frequently. 

Getting a beautiful green lawn is no rocket science. Follow the above steps to give your turn an instant makeover. If you still face problems, get in touch with a south jersey lawn care service provider.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

How to Prepare Your Lawn For Winter in New Jersey?

Winter can be awful in New Jersey, and if you are a resident of this state, you know about it pretty well. And amongst the parts of your house that face vulnerabilities during this cold season, your lawn is one of them. During winter, the South Jersey lawn care businesses are in a boom because people are in need of help. Before winter approaches, you can take some steps in preparation for your lawn in the cold season. Let’s see what professionals suggest: 

1. Mowing 
You need to mow your lawn to reduce the growth of fungus and bare spots. Usually, you need to make sure that you have finished mowing within 15 days since the falling of leaves as the winter starts. Also, cut the grass and keep them one or one and a half inches long. 

2. Aerating 
Since the grass on your lawn needs nutrients and moisture to be healthy and ready for winter, aerating can help. It is the process of making holes on the ground and requires the utilization of special tools. 

3. Fertilizing 
Fertilizing your soil is very important after you have done aerating. Use a rotary spreader to fertilize your soil correctly and make sure you use the right amount of fertilizer on each part of your lawn. Do not put too much into one spot, or else there could be problems with the growth of grass. If you don’t know what fertilizers to use, you can do a soil test to figure out. If you hire lawn services South Jersey, they will be able to do it themselves. 

4. Top-Dressing 
The thin areas and a bare spot of your lawn need top-dressing. Whenever you find a thin place, you need to take action fast. Spread compost on the field. Make sure the spread layer is not to thick. Leaf rake can be useful to put the compost deep into the ground, which will make sure that all the grass is getting nutrients and will fix the bare spot. 

5. Overseeding 
After you have put compost into your thin spot, overseeding should be the next step. A spreader will help you with overseeding as it makes sure your thin spots get the right amount of seeds so that they can get fixed quickly. 

6. Watering 
After all the process is done, you need to water the area. Every day, you need to ensure that the area is getting water at least two or three times. Before you see the growth, you can water them for five minutes every time. After noticing the growth, you can water them for 15 minutes. It will make sure that your lawn's damaged area is repairing quickly. 

The alternative 
Hate to do all these yourself? You can leave it up to professional lawn care services South Jersey who will have the skills and the tools for the job. If you are not familiar with lawn care, you might not be able to do the job easily. That's why professional services are recommended.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Best Landscape Services for your NJ Home

The first thing that most people notice about a house is the yard in front of it. A good landscaping service provider can ensure that your lawn or yard looks beautiful and stands out in a tasteful manner. 

In this blog, we’re going to go over some qualities of a good landscaping service so you can find the best landscapers in South Jersey

to ensure that your house looks at its best and leaves a lasting impression on people. 

#1 - Check the qualifications of the company 

The best way to ensure that the landscape company you’re working on will do quality work is to check if the employee handling the project is qualified or not. 

Some associations that can help you locate qualified landscape service providers include The American Society of Landscape Architects, The American Nursery and Landscape Association, and the Landscape Contractors Association. Of course, it is also important to ensure the company you are working with is a valid registered company. 

#2 - Set common design goals 

At the end of the day, your lawn will be your lawn so you have to contribute to the design process a little bit. It is a good idea to provide the landscaping service with a little brief about how you would want your lawn to be designed. This ensures that the final product will be something that will satisfy your aesthetic needs. 

It is very important to communicate properly in terms of what you want and any good landscaping company will probably spend at least a little time to set clear expectations so they can fulfill them well. 

#3 - Try their customer service 

Regardless of how innovative their design may be or how affordable they might cost, the customer service of a landscaping company is one of the most important aspects of the entire business. A lot of people underestimate the value of instant customer service and often go with the most affordable option. However, more often than not, picking the lowest bidder will not give you the best results and if you want quality service, you should go with a company that offers great customer service. 

#4 - Maintenance and guidance 

Lastly, it is better to go with a landscaping company that takes maintenance just as seriously as the design process itself, like landscape design South Jersey

. A good landscaping architect should be able to provide regular maintenance and should be qualified enough to assist you with guidance regarding anything that relates to landscaping. 

Most qualified landscaping service providers will provide additional maintenance and guidance services to ensure that your lawn or yard doesn’t ever lose its shine. 


Picking the best landscaping service for your NJ home might be a bit complicated as there are so many service providers competing in the niche. We hope this blog was helpful to you and you’re ready to find the best landscaping service for your lawn today!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Giving Your Home A Makeover With NJ Landscape Services

A clean, green, and healthy lawn makes your home an ideal place to live. If you are an aesthete, you can opt for designer lawns that decorate the whole surrounding. However, you may not be able to handle this project on your own. You would need the services of good quality landscaping services NJ

The question naturally arises as to how to choose a good quality landscaper. Will the company be able to give my home a complete and breathtaking makeover? You can find answers to these questions and more by selecting a dependable company. Here are a few tips for choosing the best company that can redesign your lawn with excellence: 

Research for a good landscaping company 

Investigate a few of the companies that offer landscaping services in South Jersey. Ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors for good referrals. Find out if they have availed the services of these companies. If so, are they satisfied with the quality of work done by them? You can also do a website search on the internet. Companies usually highlight their best features and give details of their services. You can also view their work photos and clarify the credentials of the company. 

Do a background check on the company

Do a thorough background check of the company offering landscaping services. Find out how long they are in the business and the authenticity of their expertise. Those with 10 or 20 years of experience in the field are reliable. Find out more about their professional skills and the talent and capabilities of their team. Enquire about the company's size, license, and registration details. Those who are trustworthy will have respectability and a good reputation in the neighboring regions. 

Type of services 

A wide range of services come under the umbrella term 'landscaping,' according to the experts in the field of landscape design south jersey. Professionals can deliver weekly lawn care and maintenance services. They also offer additional landscaping services for those who are interested in extra care. The range of services includes lawn mowing, weed removal, and cleaning activities. The skilled workers also do border edging for walkways, patio, and driveways. They also carry out new plantings, garden designs, mulching, and fertilization works. 

Can they deliver an organic lawn? 

Climate change and global warming issues keep cropping up. Responsible citizens are willingly moving towards organic lawns. These lawns, shrubs, and hedges will be free from any chemical pollutants. The plants are grown, cut, and maintained using natural solutions only. There will not be any chemical traces that can harm the eco-system. Organic lawn care keeps diseases and pests away and leads to lush, green, and healthy lawns. The grass will sturdily withstand the local climate changes come spring, winter, or fall. 

Some customers want a full-scale landscaping project for their home, while others are happy with minimum care and maintenance works. As a result, landscaping companies South Jersey charge different fees for different sets of services. Discuss the requirements with the company and specify your short and long term goals. The company will look at your needs and performs a cost evaluation. Choose a service provider who has a transparent billing process. 

Need landscaping services in South Jersey, do let us know in the comment section below.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Fall Landscaping Guide For New Jersey Landscaping Services

Well, usually, people in New Jersey think that they need not pay much attention to their lawns in fall as they do in summers. This lethargy is because of the belief that the grass grows slower in fall than in other seasons. So, the fall is assumed to be the time to sit and relax. But the key to a healthy and beautiful lawn in spring is to pay attention during the fall. Here is an easy guide to fall landscaping in New Jersey.

Maintenance of lawn

South Jersey experiences a lot less evaporation in fall than other regions. Thus, the style of maintenance of the lawn varies with the region of your locality. However, there is still a need to regularly water and maintain your lawn. Keep a watch on the grass as it should not turn brown in spring. If required, you can take help from one of the best landscapers in South Jersey

Going organic

Using a lot of products that contain harmful chemicals can damage the quality of soil over a while. Hence, going organic can be helpful for the health of the soil and also kids and pets who play on the lawn. Fall is the time when kids hang out, in the lawn, and it is best to avoid such harmful chemicals on your lawn.

You cannot leave your lawn without any fertilizer, either. Fall is the right time to fertilize your lawn, as the moisture in the air during fall aids easy absorption of fertilizers. When the spring comes, your lawn will be in good shape for the healthy growth of plants. Talk to experts in learning about the right fertilizer based on the type of plants you plan on growing, the style of maintenance you wish, and so on.

Aerating the soil

Most people believe that aerating the soil in the fall will be enough for the plants to flourish in summer. As mentioned earlier, the fall is the season wherein there is a higher amount of moisture in the air. This moisture also aids in aerating the soil, adding more oxygen to your soil. If you feel the process of aerating is too much work, contact landscape service providers. 

Planting new seeds

Are you someone who plans to create a lawn from scratch? Start seeding in fall for a good lawn in spring or by summer. Fall is also the right time for mulching to prevent the growth of weed, and to retain the moisture that the soil absorbed from the air. Planting in the fall allows your plant enough time for growth before the first snowflake falls.

Last but not least, prune the plants. By pruning, you allow new nodes to grow. This process allows plants to flower and bear fruit in the spring or summer. Pruning is a tedious process even with the most advanced pruning scissors in the world. However, it is worth every minute of your work.

In short, the fall is the right time to start working on your lawn. If you wish to add more areas to your lawn, cover up bald spots, and other maintenance work, fall can be more fruitful thanks to the cool climate and the moisture in the air. You can seek out for landscaping services for more information. Are you looking for an instant quote for your lawn? Contact us today.