Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Giving Your Home A Makeover With NJ Landscape Services

A clean, green, and healthy lawn makes your home an ideal place to live. If you are an aesthete, you can opt for designer lawns that decorate the whole surrounding. However, you may not be able to handle this project on your own. You would need the services of good quality landscaping services NJ

The question naturally arises as to how to choose a good quality landscaper. Will the company be able to give my home a complete and breathtaking makeover? You can find answers to these questions and more by selecting a dependable company. Here are a few tips for choosing the best company that can redesign your lawn with excellence: 

Research for a good landscaping company 

Investigate a few of the companies that offer landscaping services in South Jersey. Ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors for good referrals. Find out if they have availed the services of these companies. If so, are they satisfied with the quality of work done by them? You can also do a website search on the internet. Companies usually highlight their best features and give details of their services. You can also view their work photos and clarify the credentials of the company. 

Do a background check on the company

Do a thorough background check of the company offering landscaping services. Find out how long they are in the business and the authenticity of their expertise. Those with 10 or 20 years of experience in the field are reliable. Find out more about their professional skills and the talent and capabilities of their team. Enquire about the company's size, license, and registration details. Those who are trustworthy will have respectability and a good reputation in the neighboring regions. 

Type of services 

A wide range of services come under the umbrella term 'landscaping,' according to the experts in the field of landscape design south jersey. Professionals can deliver weekly lawn care and maintenance services. They also offer additional landscaping services for those who are interested in extra care. The range of services includes lawn mowing, weed removal, and cleaning activities. The skilled workers also do border edging for walkways, patio, and driveways. They also carry out new plantings, garden designs, mulching, and fertilization works. 

Can they deliver an organic lawn? 

Climate change and global warming issues keep cropping up. Responsible citizens are willingly moving towards organic lawns. These lawns, shrubs, and hedges will be free from any chemical pollutants. The plants are grown, cut, and maintained using natural solutions only. There will not be any chemical traces that can harm the eco-system. Organic lawn care keeps diseases and pests away and leads to lush, green, and healthy lawns. The grass will sturdily withstand the local climate changes come spring, winter, or fall. 

Some customers want a full-scale landscaping project for their home, while others are happy with minimum care and maintenance works. As a result, landscaping companies South Jersey charge different fees for different sets of services. Discuss the requirements with the company and specify your short and long term goals. The company will look at your needs and performs a cost evaluation. Choose a service provider who has a transparent billing process. 

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Fall Landscaping Guide For New Jersey Landscaping Services

Well, usually, people in New Jersey think that they need not pay much attention to their lawns in fall as they do in summers. This lethargy is because of the belief that the grass grows slower in fall than in other seasons. So, the fall is assumed to be the time to sit and relax. But the key to a healthy and beautiful lawn in spring is to pay attention during the fall. Here is an easy guide to fall landscaping in New Jersey.

Maintenance of lawn

South Jersey experiences a lot less evaporation in fall than other regions. Thus, the style of maintenance of the lawn varies with the region of your locality. However, there is still a need to regularly water and maintain your lawn. Keep a watch on the grass as it should not turn brown in spring. If required, you can take help from one of the best landscapers in South Jersey

Going organic

Using a lot of products that contain harmful chemicals can damage the quality of soil over a while. Hence, going organic can be helpful for the health of the soil and also kids and pets who play on the lawn. Fall is the time when kids hang out, in the lawn, and it is best to avoid such harmful chemicals on your lawn.

You cannot leave your lawn without any fertilizer, either. Fall is the right time to fertilize your lawn, as the moisture in the air during fall aids easy absorption of fertilizers. When the spring comes, your lawn will be in good shape for the healthy growth of plants. Talk to experts in learning about the right fertilizer based on the type of plants you plan on growing, the style of maintenance you wish, and so on.

Aerating the soil

Most people believe that aerating the soil in the fall will be enough for the plants to flourish in summer. As mentioned earlier, the fall is the season wherein there is a higher amount of moisture in the air. This moisture also aids in aerating the soil, adding more oxygen to your soil. If you feel the process of aerating is too much work, contact landscape service providers. 

Planting new seeds

Are you someone who plans to create a lawn from scratch? Start seeding in fall for a good lawn in spring or by summer. Fall is also the right time for mulching to prevent the growth of weed, and to retain the moisture that the soil absorbed from the air. Planting in the fall allows your plant enough time for growth before the first snowflake falls.

Last but not least, prune the plants. By pruning, you allow new nodes to grow. This process allows plants to flower and bear fruit in the spring or summer. Pruning is a tedious process even with the most advanced pruning scissors in the world. However, it is worth every minute of your work.

In short, the fall is the right time to start working on your lawn. If you wish to add more areas to your lawn, cover up bald spots, and other maintenance work, fall can be more fruitful thanks to the cool climate and the moisture in the air. You can seek out for landscaping services for more information. Are you looking for an instant quote for your lawn? Contact us today.