Wednesday, August 7, 2019

How Much Sod Installation Can Cost You In South Jersey?

Sod installation is the fastest way to turn your empty or dirt-patched lawn into a lush, green carpet of a grass. It’s easier to maintain, and less time consuming than starting from scratch with seed. When it comes to laying new sod, you’ve two options either do sodding on bare dirt or by ripping up grass that's already in place. You can do it on your own or can hire professional landscapers for sod installation. 
Why you should hire lawn care services for SOD installation?

Hiring lawn care services in South Jersey for SOD installation is beneficial as they can help you determine the proper type of sod for your property, as well as to adapt any existing design plans you may already have. 

For many homeowners, the deciding factor for SOD installation is its cost. The SOD installation cost includes the cost of equipment required for SOD installation, labor cost, fertilizer and composite cost, etc. 

How much does SOD Installation cost? 

Sod installation can cost homeowners $1,836 on an average. The whole project price may vary from $1,025 to $2,689 but can be as little as $450 or as much as $4,500. The average rate of landscaping contractors to prepare the ground and install SOD is $45 to $75 per hour.

You can install SOD yourself but there is always an advantage of hiring professionals as they have the right equipment to lay the grass mats evenly. 

When is the Best Time to Put Down Sod? 

The first thing you need to take care of is rain. Ripping out grass and removing rocks from soil can cause unexpected delay but rain can wreak havoc on your prepped yard. Rain can quickly turn your tamped, fertilized, and composed landscape into a mud pit. If you can't cover it with a tarp, you may need to re-compost and re-tamp before putting in the new material. 

The next is the temperature. Extreme temperatures in summers and winters are not optimum for SOD installation. The extreme temperature may make it difficult for grass to grow. Fertilizing when the weather is too hot can burn the grass. Installing during cold weather can hamper the roots from establishing themselves. 

The best time for SOD installation is mild and clear weather.

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